Making Money On Twitter

A little inside baseball here: Over the years, I’ve tried a large number of advertising networks to help pay for the expenses of this site. The Google Ads have been the most consistent performers, with various Commission Junction affiliate programs I don’t make anything like a full-time income, but then again, I don’t work it like a full time job, either.

My latest effort has been to market ads through my Twitter account. Twittering turns out not to be a lot of work, and the ad network I’ve joined, MagPie, has a lot of potential. The best part is that I don’t have to do anything. Like the Google Ads that magically show up on my blog pages, the Magpie Twitter ads show up on their own as Tweets.

Given the rates they pay out, I think a big-time tweeter, with a couple thousand followers could make some serious money.

Give them a try.

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